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Post Your Projects!

If you would like to submit a description and up to six photos of your electronics project, please visit the Project Submission Form.

Darek Kurpiel - Poland
April, 18th 2009

We salute from Poland

Solar Car         Solar Car    

raaz - Qatar
May 6th, 2008

only 1gram sun power car.Its no need any battery. This car is most better for school child.
Micro Solar Car         Micro Solar Car    

March 9th, 2008

Hi, Maybe the world smallest solar cell plane. Everybody can see video on youtube through this link(Qatar solar plane)
Solar RC Airplane    

Luke - Australia
January 20th, 2008

This was my first working BEAM bot. I had attempted about 3 others and they all failed miserably lol. I am very happy with the result. It is nice and small, pops alot under full sunlight and occasionally on an overcast day. The instructions were very easy to follow. When it was completed it, at first, only went in circles and I tested the motors and checked the wiring to see why, but then realised the Potentiometer needed a little adjusting. I'm very happy with my result and, now, am inspired to continue building more BEAM bots. Oh I called it Moccos.
Solar Bug Robot     Photovore     Solar Robot Photovore
Solar Photovore Sunseeker Underside     Robot in Hand Solar Powered    

Blade - USA
March 11th, 2007

The Black, Queen Ant...Finished! Has the BS1-IC chip. "HomeMade" Wings. And "Legs". The Legs and wings are for "Looks" only! I spent a bit of time on this one, trying to make it seem 'real'... The programing that I thought was going to be difficult, turned out to be VERY easy! The Queen comes with a "Drone" board that simulates for the eye and feeler sensors - Detect light and can go to or away depending on how you set it up. The feelers if touched automaticly make it go in reverse to avoid things. With the BS1-IC chip, you can do all of that with a simple Program! I have it set up to goto light until it hits 20 times on the feelers [counter built into chip!] then it seeks shade. Also, with some \'barrowed\' program from Ramgar it will 'dance' every so often set up on a random counter, then return to light seeking. I have also just learned that it can be set up to run on a remote, will have to check into that a little more! I highly recomend this for any one interested in 'building' there own and learning from electronics. this is a very easy to solder and build kit. If you can build the freeform solarbug, The Queen Ant will be a breeze to do! And it can DO so much more! -I did not go with the 'solar wings' as I wanted to have the added power of the 9v Batt, And it does the shadow hunt as well, so being solar powered wouldnt work to well for me in this case. And Fritz...If your site will have more room [ LOL ], I have just started ordering parts for a LynxMotion Six Legged Hexapod !!!! That However, I plan to build over the summer, and radiclly Modify it with a camera and 'other' sensors!!!!!!!!!
Queen Ant front view     Queen Ant head     Queen Ant head closeup
Queen Ant side view     Queen Ant top view     Queen Ant top view

Blade - USA
March 10th, 2007

The Queen Ant!!! First thing you will note is that it is BLACK not red like all the others you may find. I did a Lot of searching till I found this one. I just Got this Finished today, and I am still waiting on the delivery of the Solar Wings [then I can run with or Without the 9volt batt] and the 'Stamp' Chip for programing it. That will make it do just about anything [motorwise] that I program it to do! The software is FREE and the Programer is FREE! DO NEED to buy the stamp and the adaptor and the cable to your pc though...I have Been playing with and it is really FAST! and the chip that runs the CDS photosensors is able to follow a laser DOT and not get lost. And this is just with what comes with the kit, right out of the bag! WIll have to wait for the BS1-C Stamp and stuff to see what it can really do! I have tons of pics, and info if anyone needs help.
Queen Ant Parts     Queen Ant Head Assembly     Queen Ant Body Assembly
Queen Ant Body     Queen Ant Top View     Queen Ant Side View

Blade - USA
March 1st, 2007

Two SolarBugs - Bots. The Smaller one is the first I ever built, and the second...Well the second one I ever built. I purchased most of the Parts individualy and most from PagerMotors.com. They were a BLAST to Build and really FUN to watch !! My next Project will be to build one with feelers - and I also have been looking into the Queen Ant...From the pics you can see that I was NOT going for small, My son has a few hermit crabs...Kinda look like them -Hmmm ! Hermies?
Solar Robots - Photovores     Side view of robots     Underside of Photovore
Solar Robot     Underside SolarBug     Solar Powered Robot Toy

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