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Cells Available

Electronics Series
SP3-37 3V @ 22mA
TX3-25 3V @ 25mA
MP3-37 3V @ 50mA
MPT3.6-75 3.6V @ 50mA
MPT3.6-150 3.6V @ 100mA
SP4.2-37 4.2V @ 22mA
MPT4.8-75 4.8V @ 50mA
MPT4.8-150 4.8V @ 100mA
MPT6-75 6V @ 50mA
MPT6-150 6V @ 100mA
MP7.2-75 7.2V @ 100mA
MP7.2-150 7.2V @ 200mA
MPT15-75 15.4V @ 50mA
MPT15-150 15.4V @ 100mA

RC Aircraft Series
RC7.2-75 7.2 @ 100mA
RC7.2-75 PSA 7.2 @ 100mA

Outdoor WeatherProTM Series
P7.2-75 7.2V @ 100mA
P7.2-150 7.2V @ 200mA
PT15-75 15.4V @ 50mA
PT15-150 15.4V @ 100mA
PT15-300 15.4V @ 200mA




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Inventory      Solar Cells      Tutorials      Workshops      Gallery