Jitter Bug Kit
The Jitter Bug Kit contains all the parts necessary to free form solder a basic BEAM vibrating robot. Once complete, this small robot will charge its 4700uF Capacitor, discharge its electrical load, and "jitter" around. For best results, take this little guy outside and watch him go! The soldering can be quite intricate at times and thus is recommended for experienced builders. Please pay close attention to the free Online Tutorial. Solar Bug 1
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Price per unit: $14.50
Parts Checklist: Tools Needed:
(1) Namiki Motor (1) 4700uF Capacitor Soldering Iron and Solder
(1) Fuse clip (motor mount) (1) SP3-37 Flexible Solar Cell Pliers
(2) 0.22uF Capacitors (2) 24AWG stranded wire Wire Cutters
(1) 2.2K Resistor (4) 18AWG solid wires Wire Stripper
(1) 3906 Transistor Super Glue or Epoxy
(1) 3904 Transistor Basic soldering skills
(1) 1381 Voltage Detector
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