Solar Bug 1 Combo Kit
The Solar Bug Combo kit contains all the parts necessary to build a working solar powered robot. This medium difficulty kit will help facilitate the construction of the Solar Bug. With the Bug Board, you will no longer be required to free form solder the Solar Bug Robot Kit. This greatly reduces the amount of time required to build this kit and minimizes the chances of soldering mishaps. Please pay close attention to the free Online Tutorial. Solar Bug 1 Combo
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Price per unit: $24.50
Parts Checklist: Tools Needed:
(1) PCB Bug Board (2) 0.22uF Capacitors Soldering Iron
(2) Namiki Pager Motors (2) 3906 Transistors Solder
(2) Fuse clips (motor mount) (2) 3904 Transistors Wire Cutters
(2) Silicon Tubing (2) 1381 Voltage Detectors Tweezers
(1) Push Pin (1) 4700uF Capacitor
(1) Terminal Block (1) 100K Potentiometer
(2) Photodiodes (1) 3V Sanyo Solar Cell
(2) 2.2K Resistors
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